Quiz: Toxins in you and your environment

What am I doing to create a toxic environment for me and my home?

(Please select the best choice for you. Write down.  1- 6 on a paper then the letter of your closest answer.  Check your scored at bottom when complete)    While there are more in-depth questions about your home, neighborhood and community, this is the basics most people control. 

1. Most of the time, The food I eat daily

A.    I eat out mostly 

B.    I make myself

C.    I eat from a can

D.    I like to snack mostly 

E.    I live on coffee and office food

2.  When I do buy groceries I buy :

A.   I order from delivery service

B.    From local Farmers market or organic options 

C.    What is usually on sale at my grocer

D.    Whats ever in a package and on sale 

E.  I grow my own food


3.     When it comes to cleaning my home

A.   My housekeeper takes care of it.

B.   I only use natural cleaning products 

C.   I use all the popular products: Clorox, Lysol, Mr. Clean, 409, swiffer, etc

D.  What the hospitals recommend.

E.  I don’t really clean much 

4.       When it comes to my personal care products

A.  I like the brands at the high end department store & famous designers

B.  I know the ingredients are ones I could also eat.

C.   I get what’s on sale at the dollar store.  

D.   What smells good and is in season.. like apple cinnamon shower gel in the fall 

E.  I use the small bottles I get in hotels when I travel 

5.      My home floors are:   

 A.  I don’t know

 B.  Hardwood, or another Hard tile surface  

 C.   Wall to wall carpet.  

 D.   A mixture of all of the above

 E.   I am mobile and it changes 

6.    What I drink each day:

A.   Water

B.   Coffee, tea, and juices

C.   Energy drinks and Sodas

D.   Wine, beer or spirits

E.   All of the above 

Point for answers:   Please add your points 

  1. A.  3.   B.  0.   C.  3.   D.  2  E. 4
  2. A.  2.   B.  1.   C.  3.  D.  .  E.  0
  3.  A. 2.   B. 0.   C. 5.   D.  6   E. 3

      4.  A.  3.  B. 0.   C.  4.   D.  5.  E. 3

      5. A.  3.  B. 1.  C.  5.    D. 3.   E. 2

      6.  A.  1.  B.  3  C.  4.    D. 4.   E 5    If you drink more than two per day of  B, C or C then double  your number.  

Score key

2 to   5.     Your home should be pretty healthy .. Congrats on heathy body and greener home, if you want to tweak your lifestyle to feel even younger,  schedule a free consult with me. 

6 to 10.     You can do better, if you would like to schedule a free consult with me, am happy to assist is a comfortable shift to cleaner living.  

11 or >      Well it might be a good idea to learn how you go a little greener, please schedule a free consult below with me and I am happy to lead you in the best direction for your specific situation.